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Nan McCurdy, a journalist and Methodist Missionary in Nicaragua, files these reports from Honduras. Follow the linked headlines for audio reports.

Zelaya Seeks International Support
July 7: The deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya arrived in Washington Tuesday to meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Unlike most Latin American and European countries, the US still has not recalled their ambassador from Honduras nor cut aid, which US law requires in the case of a coup.
However, President Obama today said that he supports Zelaya´s return to power  because the United States supports the principle that people should choose their own leaders, even if  “we don´t agree with them.”
Zelaya has been met with more enthusiasm in Latin American countries with left wing or socialist governments.  On Monday the ousted president was in Nicaragua. FSRN´s Nan McCurdy reports.

Political Tensions Rise in Honduras as deFacto Government
Restricts Civil Liberties

July 7: In Honduras, de facto President Roberto Michelleti called for negotiations with the deposed President, Manuel Zelaya. Michelleti supporters congregated in the Tegucigalpa city center today calling the Organization of American States a pawn for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.  The OAS recently expelled Honduras from its ranks, after the Central American country refused to allow the ousted President Zelaya to return to power.
Political divisions are rising in Honduras, with at least two marches taking place early Tuesday. FSRN´s Tim Russo reports.

Ousted Honduras President Vows to Return Home
June 30: There is growing international support to return Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to power after Sunday´s military coup.  More than 20 nations have pulled their ambassadors out of Honduras with the United Nations and all continental and Latin American organizations of nations condemning the coup.
But the de facto government of Honduras has ignored their calls to return Zelaya to the Presidency. Nevertheless, Zelaya said yesterday that he will return to Honduras on Thursday with the Secretary General of the Organization of American States.  FSRN´s Nan McCurdy reports.

Honduran President Staves Off Coup Attempt
June 26: Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has denounced what he refers to as an attempted coup against his administration.  He’s calling on the people to defend the rule of law.  From Managua, FSRN’s Nan McCurdy reports.

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