Friendship Office's Programs

As a multi-issue social justice center, we sponsor programs in diverse fields of work. Here are our current program initiatives:

ART is a national network of labor, family-farm, religious, women's, environmental, development and research organizations that promotes equitable and sustainable trade and development. ART is the representative coalition to the Hemispheric Social Alliance (HSA), a hemispheric wide organization of coalitions which are challenging the dominant models of power.

The Friendship Office promotes policies that address the structural causes of climate change.  We realize that the valiant community based development and reforestation efforts that we support can literally be swept away without binding global policies.

The Honduras Accompaniment Project (HAP)/Proyecto de Acompanamiento en Honduras (PROAH) provides international accompaniment for social movement leaders, human rights defenders and the Honduran people in resistance in their historic non-violent struggle to resist the June 20009 coup de tat and to transform their society.  We sponsor US/Canadian Human Rights Accompaniment Delegations to increase the international presence and help to get information out.  We place long and short term accompaniers to accompany specific individuals/organizations who request and require it.

The Friendship Office works to sustain the strong ties of solidarity between the people of Nicaragua and the United States that were forged during the decades of the 1980s when US citizens worked to oppose the US sponsored contra war against the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua.  We support efforts of the poorest of the poor to create better living conditions, reforest and restore watersheds, to strengthen historic memory and to promote just U.S. and international policy toward Nicaragua.