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Jubilee South: Declaration on the social political crisis in Nicaragua!

"We reject the interference led by the government of the United States and supported by its allied governments, some of which have come to power via coup de ’tat and are responsible for multiple forms of human rights violations in their own countries, for example, Honduras, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico. These actions fuel and encourage the script of terror that has impacted the people of Nicaragua. We affirm the right to sovereignty and self-determination for this sister nation. We express the need to search for peaceful solutions, to establish concrete guidelines for processes of reconciliation based on peace with justice and truth, including the possibility of an inclusive dialogue processes between the government and representatives from the different sectors of society." Please see the full Declaration here.

Statement by Senator Leahy on Electoral Crisis in Honduras

"Honduras faces a defining moment in its modern history. How the government resolves this crisis will determine the path of the country for the foreseeable future. It will also determine the extent of validity and support the next government receives from the United States, because only a credible election, accepted widely by the Honduran people as free and fair, coupled with a demonstrable commitment to transparency, to freedom of expression and association, and to the rule of law, will justify that validity and support." To read full statement

Padre Miquel dEscoto – Thank you for giving us a better world. We hold you Presente!

The Friendship Office is deeply saddened by the passing of Padre Miquel dEscoto who died on June 9, 2017 after 84 years of life fully lived. In the many tributes to his life and legacy, Miquel is described as, a Latin American prophet of peace inspired by Sandino and Bolivar,kkll Dorothy Day, Gandhi and Martin Luther King... An uncompromising anti-imperialist…a Chancellor of Peace and Dignity…a voice of conscience who spoke truth to power and expected others to do the same.

Ben Linder – 30th Anniversary – Presente

Ben Linder, a young engineer from Oregon, was killed by U.S.-backed contra forces in Nicaragua on April 28, 1987 while working on a small hydroelectric dam in San Jose de Bocay.  This year, the 30th anniversary of his assassination, will be celebrated in Nicaragua with an evening gathering at the Ben Linder House in Managua on April 26th and a tri

Nicaragua Presente at SOA vigil

This weekend, Jose Angel Corrales Perez, from the rural community of El Lagartillo, in northwestern Nicaragua will be on stage at the SOAW vigil in Fort Benning Georgia. A gifted musician, Jose is a member music group Los Rusticos del Norte, which has won local and national musical competitions and is recognized for its performance of original music. He is proud of his campesino roots, and his courageous community.

Climate leaks: preview of the 5th report of the IPCC

A draft of the new report of the IPCC was leaked to the press.  As well as reiterating well-known threats, the document revives a theme that merits analysis:  the transfer of northern emissions to the South.  

Written by Gerardo Honty

Nicaragua will no longer send troops to the School of the Americas!

Letter from Lisa Sullivan,- co-leader of SOAW delegation currently in Nicaragua:

After Rio, we know. Governments have given up on the planet

The post-summit pledge was an admission of defeat against consumer capitalism. But we can still salvage the natural world.

New Book - A Call to Conscience: The Anti-Contra War Campaign

A new book documenting the history of the grassroots movement to halt American intervention in Nicaragua, including interviews with the Friendship Offices’ Rita Clark and Tom Loudon, has just been released by University of Massachusetts Press. -- A Call to Conscience: The Anti-Contra War Campaign by Roger Peace.

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Video of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth) in Honduras.

Commission of Truth Honduras reports

Final report of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth), Honduras:

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