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Foreign Minister of Honduras Patricia Rodas comments on the Return of Zelaya to Honduras

Patricia Rodas said in an interview yesterday that the presence of Zelaya in Honduran territory has untangled the situation in Honduras.  If President Zelaya weren’t in Honduras, the regime would never have received another OAS mission in the country.  If President Zelaya weren’t in Honduras, the regime would not be looking for resolution; they are now acknowledging the profound errors which have taken them one hundred days to admit.  I think this initiative is moving forward because Zelaya is inside the country+ read entire article

Micheletti calls the ouster of Zelaya an error

Coup leader Micheletti surprised the media yesterday when he recognized that the decisión to take President Zelaya out of the country was an error. “Definitely it is a decision that certain sectors took, for which they will be punished, in compliance with the law.” he said.

UNESCO Director General preocupied about limits to freedom of expression

The Director General  of UNESCO, Koichiro Matsuura expressed his preoccupation at the suspension of Civil Liberties in Honduras, especially the freedom of expression.  He said that freedom of expression is “a fundamental human right which must be preserved.” if a solution to the crisis will be “lasting and acceptable for all.”


Decree suspending Civil Liberties will be revoked beginning tomorrow

De-facto president Micheletti said today that he would repeal the decree he had issued more than a week ago which has severely limited civil rights in Honduras.  The decree to repeal the initial decree will go into effect tomorrow, Tuesday October 6th.


Marches will continue today

The Resistance Front against the coup in Honduras agreed yesterday to continue the protests against the coup regime, ignoring the governmental decree which restricts individual guarantees.  About 300 people who were in the assembly reaffirmed their commitment to continuing the manifestations which they have been carrying out since June 28th, when the coup d’état ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

Another death as a result of the repression

On Saturday October 3rd, Olga Osiris Ucles, 35 year old mother of 4 children died as a result of a respiratory crisis she suffered after having been exposed to tear gas during a pacific demonstration in front of Radio Globo on Wednesday September 30.

More repression today in Honduras

Yesterday at least three people who had been arrested last Tuesday in front of the Brazilian Embassy had hearings today.  Included was Augustina Flores, the sister of Berta Casares, who according to medical reports is in a delicate state of health.  In spite of her serious health issues, she was sent to the women’s prison until her trial. 

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Video of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth) in Honduras.

Commission of Truth Honduras reports

Final report of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth), Honduras:

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