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What some reporters don't get about Brazil and the Honduras Crisis

It seems that the major news media sources are missing the point about the coup in Honduras.  The reason why Brazil and others must force out the coup government is not only for the Honduran people, but because of the historical precedent that it sets.  Read more in an article by Narco News.

Photos of Honduras under Curfew

The legitimate government of Honduras remains under siege in the Brazilian Embassy.  Photos from inside, courtesy of the New York Times.

Human Rights Organization condemns Honduran Military use of chemical agents in Brazilian Embassy

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) strongly condemns the operation by agents of the Honduran de facto regime in the area of the Brazil Embassy in Tegucigalpa.  According to the information received, security forces of the de facto regime surrounded the Brazilian Embassy and threw unidentified toxic gases, causing intoxications, bleeding, vomiting and dizziness to the persons inside the diplomatic building.

Myths and facts about the constitutionality of Zelaya's expulsion

Grassroots International has a good article with Myths and Facts about the coup in Honduras.  

IMF Recognizes Zelaya as Head of State

The IMF said Thursday it would still recognize Zelaya as head of state of Honduras . . . which would prevent the de facto leaders from access to loans.

March in Tegucigalpa Today

There is a "white march" planned for today in Tegucigalpa.  Reports are that military infiltrators who are experts in assault and assasination are in the march with the intent of killing Zelaya.  Our delegation will try to "observe" this march.

An Act of War?

Brazil has announced that if the coup regime does not stop the sound terrorism (detonation of loud booms that provoke hysteria) and lift the military cordon they will consider it an act of war.

Mass at the Embassy, Curfew lifted

Padre Tamayo is celebrating mass in the Brazilian Embassy this morning.  The curfew has been lifted.

Resistance as well as violent repression continue

Thousands gathered today at the Universidad Pedagógica to renew their resistance.  There are still reports of shootings, beatings, torture, and illegal detainment.  The president of INFOP was shot in the head and is gravely wounded.  Partners report that acoustic devices loud enough to cause damage to the ears are being used outside the Brazilian embassy.

Quixote Center delegation hears explosions, sees tear gas and smoke from burning tires

Today the Quixote Center Accompaniment Delegation struggled in the midst of a state of siege to reach hospitals where wounded are being treated and to the stadium where detained are being held prisoners. 

Tonight they report that they can hear explosions from protests that are being repressed in neighboring barrios and tear gas and smoke from burning tires is filling the air. 
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Video of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth) in Honduras.

Commission of Truth Honduras reports

Final report of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth), Honduras:

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