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Urgent Call for Solidarity from the Aguán region of Honduras

A link to the full message in Spanish is below from the FNRP (National Popular Resistance Front) in the department (state) of Colón, MUCA Margen Izquierda (The Unified Campesino Movement of the Left Bank of the Aguán Valley), and other campesino groups in the Aguán.

COFADEH: Once Again Forced Disappearance is being Implemented in Honduras

The following was translated from an original statement in Spanish by COFADEH. An article in Spanish on COFADEH's human rights journalism website can be found here.

Student killed in the struggle to defend public education in the department of Santa Barbara

The following is a translation of a statement circulated (in Spanish) on the La Compa mailing list (the mailing list of the members of the Convergence of the Peoples of the Americas). The original statement is below.

HONDURAS: Student killed on the battlefront for public education in the department of Santa Barbara

Human rights organizations in Honduras have yet to locate alleged war criminal

Note from the Friendship Office: This article was translated from the Honduran national daily newspaper El Tiempo print edition for Wednesday, August 10th. We were not able to find the article on the digital edition of El Tiempo at The original title of the article in Spanish is Organismos humanitarios todavía no ubican a supuesto criminal de guerra.

Honduran congress representatives reported to collude with transnational mining companies

These reports are particularly worrying in light of the current criminalization of members of the Siria Valley Environmental Committee and community members of El Porvenir and El Suyatal working to protect vital remaining forests and watersheds in their communities which also happened to be concessioned to transnational mining companies - reportedly Canadian companies.

Victims of the Coup d'État March in the Capital

Starting at 8:00am on Thursday, June 28th in Tegucigalpa, thousands of demonstrators met at the Pedagogical University and marched to the offices of the United Nations to make their denunciations.

Victims' Relatives Protest at Ministry of the Attorney General

July 26th at 10:00 am, relatives and friends of Isy Obed Murillo, Ilse Ivannia Velásquez, Roger Vallejo, Félix Murillo, Mario Fidel Contreras, Manuel Flores, Karen Jessenia Hernández, Walter Tróchez, Julio Fúnex, Pedro MAgdiel Muñoz and Pablo Villanueva, 11 victims assassinated after the coup d'état on June 28, 2009, staged a demonstration in front of the offices of the Ministry of the Attorney General (Ministerio Público) in Tegucigalpa.

COPINH: Impunity and Human Rights Violations Reign in Honduras


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Video of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth) in Honduras.

Commission of Truth Honduras reports

Final report of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth), Honduras:

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