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214 drums, 214 years demanding respect for Garífuna rights

1980s World Court suit against US may be refiled

President Daniel Ortega stated on March 10 that Nicaragua reserves the right to reopen its 1980s lawsuit against the United States before the International Court of Justice at The Hague (World Court). The US did not recognize and never complied with the Court's 1986 ruling that it was illegal for the US to mine the harbor at the Port of Corinto and to prosecute the Contra War to overthrow the Sandinista Revolution. The World Court ordered the US to pay reparations, estimated at that time to be US$17 billion. Ortega said that in today's dollars that would be US$58 billion.

Honduras Update, March 18th 2:00PM: One teacher has died in hospital in Tegucigalpa as a result of injuries following police repression

Ilse Ivania Velázquez Rodriquez, a teacher who was allegedly hit in the head with a projectile tear gas canister fired by police then struck by a vehicle, has died in Hospital Escuela in Tegucigalpa as a result of her injuries. Ilse Ivania was peacefully participating in a protest including representatives of teachers unions, parents of school-aged children, primary, secondary and post-secondary students, popular organizations and members of the National Popular Resistance Front (FNRP).

Honduras Update: Police and Military pursue citizens in the street and seriously injure a woman with police vehicle

The Honduran Committee of Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared just released this statement that following the violent eviction of teachers from the National Teacher's Pension Institute (Inprema) police and military are pursuing protesters in the street with tear gas and a tank with some kind of orange coloured chemical, which they believe has two functions: to overwhelm protesters with the toxins in the gas and to identify them with the orange colour so that they can be apprehended even after running away.

Urgent Action (COFADEH): Human Rights Defender at Risk


Committee of Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared of Honduras (COFADEH)

International Mission Finds Human Rights Violations in Aguan Valley, Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Mar 5, 2011. (Prensa Latina) A total of 19 Honduran peasants were
killed in Bajo Aguan from Jan 2010 until today and all the crimes
remain unpunished, according to an International Mission that visited the area.

During the investigation that conducted between Feb 25 and Mar
4, 2011 the International Mission found numerous violations of human rights.

The leaders and members of peasant organizations have been threatened

URGENT ALERT: Disappearance of journalist and member of FNRP and MUCA in Honduras

Urgent message from Karen Spring of Rights Action in Honduras at 1:00PM Sunday, January 9. If you speak Spanish, please take action NOW:
Juan Chinchilla (photo from
A member of MUCA, Juan Chinchilla was disappeared last night close to Tocoa (see the communique below).

Nicaraguan Ambassador Responds to Washington Post Article

Nicaragua Network, Nicaragua News Bulletin: The Washington Post's Christmas Day gift to Nicaragua was to publish an inflammatory and inaccurate editorial accusing the Obama administration of being "Soft on Nicaragua." The editorial invoked favorably Ronald Reagan's war against Nicaragua which cost 40,000 Nicaraguan, mostly civilian, casualties. The editorial accused Nicaragua of "invading" Costa Rica and said that the Obama administration's response was "an invitation to apply for foreign aid."

Real Solutions to the Climate Crisis Will Come From Grassroots Movements

Statement by the Indigenous Environmental Network
Cancún Betrayal: UNFCCC Unmasked as WTO of the Sky
Real Solutions to the Climate Crisis Will Come From Grassroots Movements

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Video of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth) in Honduras.

Commission of Truth Honduras reports

Final report of the "Comision de Verdad" (Commission of Truth), Honduras:

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